About us

I am Jane. When I was a young school going gal, I adorned collecting and admiring pebbles collected from the beach and parks. And in no time, my love for pebbles progressed to crystal when the grown up me discovered crystal and its mesmerizing beauty. This sparks my love for crystal and soon the list continue to grow to include amber, dzi bead etc. over the subsequent years.
What started Bodhichitta Gemstone? Just like any stay at home mother, I found myself with a lot more time on my hands when my child grew older year after year and had a longer school schedule. And with more time on hands, I felt that the moment was right for me to step out of my comfort zone, to embark on something that I had always desire and to put my crystal knowledge to good use. So naturally, the choice is obvious. The love for crystal led me to the business of crystal. My aim is to create fashionable, beautiful crystal pieces with top quality natural crystal, which do not compromise on quality. I sell crystal pieces that my customers are able to wear on day-to-day basis; on special occasions and crystal jewelry that allow my customers to express themselves. With the trust I have built over the years, my customers have return whenever they need new crystal pieces, be it for themselves or as gifts to their loved ones.
In order to serve my customer better; I have evolved my business model to bring the presence of Bodhichitta Gemstone online. Do feel free to drop by Bodhichitta Gemstone’s instagram & FB @Bodhichittagemstone to check on product showcase, update, operating hour and the whereabouts of the pop up store.